All you need is a stove or campfire to charge your
electronics – smartphone, digital camera, Go-Pro or flashlight.

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Your battery always dies when you’re camping.


And we know how much it sucks when you miss out on memories, or you could be in a tough situation, or you could get lost.

Always be ready when your battery dies. Just charge with fire.

Light, compact, and rugged, FlameStower will charge any small electronic device (phone, camera, flashlight) in any environment with fire. Any flame source will do.


How does it work?

Just slide the FlameStower into your fire and your electronics charge magically! It’s that easy.

The heat from the fire converts into electricity to power your electronics.

Put your campfire to work

We know you’re going to have a campfire, why not use it to power your electronics while you cook or warm up at night?

You could use solar power or a battery, but they don’t last.

Yeah you could use the car to charge your phone, but car batteries die. And idling the car to keep the battery charged burns emissions (and makes your camp smelly). Sure you could use a battery, but that’s good for maybe a couple charges. Solar is a great option, but realistically only works when the sun is high in the sky. What if your lamp burns out in the middle of the night or the camera loses juice? Or your phone is dead when there’s an emergency? Be ready to charge anytime, anywhere.


Charge while you cook

Charge your electronics while cooking on a camp stove or while roasting marshmallows on a campfire. You might as well use some of the energy being produced.

Charge anything with a USB cord

Don’t limit yourself to those rinky dink batteries that only charge some of your electronics, use the power of fire to charge anything in the jungle.


Technical Specs and Requirements

  • Tech Specs: Weight 10 oz (290 grams)
  • Power Output: 2.5 Watts
  • Dimensions (Collapsed): 2.25″W X 7.75″L X 1″T
  • Talk Time per 1 Minute Charge Time: 2 Minutes
  • Complete Charge of iPhone: 3.1 Hours
  • Patent Pending: #61659845

Lightest & Compact USB Charger

Don’t ever let your Phone or Camera lose battery ever again. Only a limited supply so buy now.


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