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Looking to charge your camping gear using only your campfire? Check out the BioLite Campstove below…

BioLite, Campstove 2+, Electricity Generating, Wood Burning Camp Stove with USB Recharging Station
  • Turn fire into electricity and charge your smartphone, tablet or other devices; Charge while you cook or store power in the 3,200 mAh battery for later use; Battery stores 1 full smartphone charge
  • Find your stove fuel around camp or on the trail and stop carrying the extra weight of fuel canisters; Burns pellets and twigs, sticks, dried lichen and pine cones
  • Campstove 2+ only weighs 2.06 pounds and packs down to the size of a 32 ounce wide-mouth water bottle, making it ideal for backpacking; Quickly boils 1 liter of water in 4.5 minutes
  • Smart LED dashboard gives real time feedback on key stats like fire strength, air fan speed and power supply; Control the size of your flame with 4 fan speeds
  • Included 100 lumen FlexLight with ChromaReal LED helps you cook at night with confidence; Smokeless flame technology means staying in one spot while you cook or warm yourself

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Welcome to The Flamestower where survival experts share their experience living in the wild as well as surviving on their own.

Why the name Flames Tower? We use used this term for decades to indicate life in the wild as it relates to finding and having everything you need to survive on your own. If your flames tower is lit then you are surviving on your own successfully.

Each tower has 3 flames to indicate: life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. If all 3 flames are lit then you have found the recipe to success to live on your own terms.

The Flames Tower