9 Travel Tips For First-Time Travelers

When a baby walks for the first time or a child learns to ride a bicycle without balance support, a sense of accomplishment shines in their eyes. Similar is the feeling when you travel on your own for the first time. The thought that you could do whatever you wish to do makes you feel free and excited. When you are young and inexperienced, traveling for the first time is all about having fun and frolic. An unknown language, different culture, and cuisine could unlock your adventure spirit. But every trip needs a plan and some precautions. Below are a few tips that first-time travelers have to bear in mind.

Take travel insurance:

It is always possible that your flights get canceled, or you miss luggage. At times you can become sick or have an accident. In such a scenario, having insurance helps you financially, and you can be peaceful for the rest of the journey. One has to know well, what are the various incidents that the insurance covers, and their terms and conditions. One could take a photo of all their belongings before the start of the journey.   

Do not plan for a tight schedule:

It is common to book hotels or lodging facilities in the destination. But one should not prefix everything like modes of local transport, places to visit, and the food menu for every meal. Deciding everything in advance gives a feeling of jumping from one task to another. Your travel plan should be flexible. You can get familiar with the tourist spots and have a checklist. But, the trip has to be adjustable in case of bad weather or any local issues. 

Neither pack nor buy too much:

If you are taking flights, you will have to check the luggage weight. You can take heavier items as hand luggage if necessary. Know the climate of the place and pack accordingly. Try to limit the outfits and keep undergarments in sufficient numbers. Select dresses as per the weather in the destination. If you plan for camping or hiking, it is advisable to go by road. You could always load extra luggage on the roof racks of the vehicle.

In tourist places, we often have hawkers wooing you to buy unique materials. People get attracted and go on a buying spree. But one should remember that they might exceed the luggage limit on their return journey. Moreover, things could be costlier, and one might not take it into account as most people buy things without much bargaining.  

Dress like locals:

If one is planning to go to a different continent or country, it is advisable to know about the local culture, local food, etc. One could even learn basic terms in local language like saying thank you, sorry, nice, etc. When you try to blend with the people genuinely, they feel happier and would help you. You should not be scared of them and never make the mistake of looking at everyone with an eye of suspicion.

Keep money safe:

Always carry small amounts of cash in hand, and use credit cards. You could keep money in safe places like a security locker in hotel rooms. One can buy anti-theft bags that are cut-proof, and have locking zips. You can go for under-clothing storage accessories in case of long travel hours. Carry small bags and thin wallets that fit well inside your packets and do not slip out easily. Be aware of methods that tricksters use in the destination. Always walk as if you are familiar with the place. You could listen to the google maps, and need not peep into the phone for routes.

Try to eat healthy food:

After an exhausting day of sight-seeing, many are likely to overeat and doze off straight to the bed. Such a practice does much harm to your body. It is advisable to carry healthy snacks like hummus, carrots, yogurt, salads, fresh fruits, etc., for the local trip. You can buy fresh produce from the local markets. At hotels, you get milk, pre-cut vegetables, whole-grain crackers. Always reserve some time for simple walking and try to eat meals at regular timings.

Carry the necessary documents:

You will always need your air or train tickets. For traveling by car, you will need a driving license and vehicle registration document. Though you may have soft copies, it is always smarter to have printed copy. It applies even for hotel/villa accommodation. One should also store images of these papers or cards in their mobile phones. If traveling abroad, you need a visa, passport. It is safer to know your country’s embassy location and contact details.

Enjoy traveling:

In your trip, you are likely to face some minor issues like accommodation delays, extra security checks, or some theft may happen. But all these should not annoy you for the rest of the journey. You should have a friendly smile and have those breathtaking moments that you would cherish for the rest of your life. People prefer documenting their holiday time as blogs or social media stories.      

Travel is an excellent opportunity to hone your photography skills. On holidays, one should relax and be free from mental worries.

Stay safe and be in touch:

While traveling, one has the responsibility to be safe. Basic safety precautions like not accepting free items from strangers, being aware of dangerous areas, and local scams are a must. You could use safety apps, and keep your near-and-dear ones informed about your location. Similarly, you should be aware of local laws and abide by them. One should be careful while using public wifi, as online fraudsters could steal essential info like credit card details.

Travel: An unique teacher

Travel teaches you responsibility in a convincing way. One learns to take care of health and keep money safe. It gives a break from your routine life. One has to face unique and unknown situations during the journey. Exposure to different cultures, cuisines, and way of life, makes us more adaptable. People feel more energized and enthusiastic when they come back from a holiday trip.

Happy Journey!

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