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In recent years, there has been a lot of change in the gun industry. One of the more noticeable changes is the price. Firearms have gone down in price and this has left a lot of opportunities for buyers to come in and purchase some high-quality guns for very cheap prices.

At this point in time, the firearms market is definitely pointing towards the buyer. Unlike having a personal firearm like a 9mm, hunting is a sport that is practiced by millions worldwide, thus the need for our best hunting rifle review of 2021.

Leading on to the nature of this article, this is a perfect opportunity to get into shooting and get ready for the next hunting season. Hunting rifles are not only great for hunting but they are fun to shoot at the range and for competitions. They are currently going for around $1000, so they can be bought by the majority of individuals. This review will look at a number of hunting rifles that are currently on the marketing and will enable you to make an educated decision when you purchase one. All of these rifles are relatively cheap, good fun to shoot and are great if you’re looking to hunt wildlife.

Our Top 10 Reviews Of The Best Hunting Rifles  Of 2021

The Savage B-17 Review  


  • Very affordable
  • Fran without any issues
  • Comfortable and natural fit
  • It isn’t the best looking rifle on the market

This is one of the most affordable rifles on the market and is close to winning the Best Buy award. The rifle is a small little thing, firing .17 HMR and only weighing a light 6 pounds. The ergonomics of the weapon are also great and it is very easy to hold and wield. The rifle fits comfortably and has a natural hold, thanks to its raised comb and pistol grip. The manipulation of the top tang safety is simple and the trigger broke at around 2 pounds. All this is perfect for a rifle of this size and price.

During the shooting tests, we found this gun to be satisfying, especially for the price. This little rifle has so much value and is great for individuals who are on a budget with their rifle choices. The team was able to cycle quickly with each shot taken and we managed to get through the 10-round magazine incredibly quickly. No issue was found with the feeding, extracting and ejecting of the rifle – it was essentially flawless, even with different types of ammunition.

The rifle has a good accuracy and at 50 yards, a 5-shot measured at .668 inches. This in combination with the quick cycle times means that small game has something to worry about. The rifle is also built to last but doesn’t have the best looking exterior. A few scratches shouldn’t bother most people and the stock can also take a beating!

Montana Rifle Company MSR Review


  • Reasonable price
  • Very stylish weapon
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Strong Build
  • Issues with feeding and cycling
The company that builds this weapon are always pumping out very stylish weapons and this one is no exception. The rifle is promising and accepts 6mm Creedmoor rounds. The rifle was very accurate when we were testing it on the bench and we could tell that the design and construction were excellent.

The only issue we had with the weapon is related to feeding and cycling. The weapon was requiring a lot of effort during the chambering of the round from the box magazines we were using and it was quite frustrating. This put a bit a dampener on the whole experience with this seemly great rifle.

Colt Competition CRP-18N Review

best hunting rifles2

  • Uses the new 22 Nosler cartridges
  • Impressive performance
  • Decent accuracy
  • Good design
This rifle is very exciting and is a new addition to the hunting rifle range. This is because the rifle takes the 22 Nosler cartridges – one the newest and sort after rounds this year. What is even cooler is this rifle is the first to use it and it really boosts the performance of this rifle. It essentially boosts the performance of Ar-15 receivers with necked down 6.8 Rem. SPC. The rifle is also very accurate with 77-gr rounds and the 5-shot test got a measurement of about .837 inches. As for the design of the weapon, it is built with a decent muzzle brake and sits comfortably in the hands. As for the trigger, it broke at 3 pounds.

This is a rifle that would be best suited for deer hunting and competitions.

Browning X-Bolt Target McMillian Review


  • Fun to shoot
  • Very steady crosshairs
  • Excellent stock and great for long-range targets
  • Not as accurate as expected

This is a great rifle if you are looking for long-distance targets. The rifle was great when we testing it on the bench and with its heavier weight of 9 and a half pounds and muzzle flash, the crosshairs hardly moved before and during the shot. The weapon is also using McMillan’s A3-5 stock and is fitted with a 28-inch bull barrel. The rifle uses 6.5 Creed rounds and hits a .944-inch group average, which is not too bad. However, we expected better from this rifle – about 3 inches tighter.

However, although this is a great long-range rifle, the weapon is too heavy for hunting, and because of its poor magazine size, it is probably not suitable for competitions. This in combination with its high price tag really hit it hard in our reviews, especially when you compare it to some of the competition on this list.

Anschutz 1781 Review

  • Excellent German engineering
  • Accurate and easy to cycle rounds
  • Adjustable trigger and perfect for hunting
  • Handles recoil innovatively
  • The upgraded stock makes the gun worse so stick to the standard
Anschutz always makes very good weapons and 1781 is no exception. This is a great piece of German engineering and is even more fantastic when you take off the scope and shoot short-range targets like cans and coyote targets. The rifle has a rapid cycle and uses a detachable box magazine that holds 4+1 rounds.

Even when we put the scope on, this gun was excellent and had a very tight spread in our 5-shot group tests. It chambers .30/06 and was delayed in production until the company had the rifle perfect. They are a gold medal company and it really shines with this rifle.

This rifle is very innovative and has an advanced recoil lug that has a floating tab. This tab is in the middle of the front action screw threads and when you tighten the guard screw the force is pushed back into the stock. This means that the rifle is very accurate and is truly a piece of excellent design.

This rifle is a great hunting tool because of the way it can be raised, pointed, and fired consistently and easily. The scope is mounted using QD rings and this lets you hunt just about anything in all sorts of environments. The rifle also has an adjustable trigger and excellent metalwork that makes the rifle durable and long-lasting.

The only issue we had with this rifle and is the reason it didn’t get full marks is the stock. More specifically, the thumbhole stock. This is an optional extra you get with the gun and makes the gun right-handed (more so than it already is) and is incredibly expensive. We recommend that you stick with the normal stock because the thumbhole stock actually makes the gun worse.

Mossberg Patriot Revere Review

  • A very handsome rifle
  • Smooth when operating
  • Not very accurate
This gun is one of the better-looking hunting rifles on this list and is made by a company that prides itself in performance over looks. This gun is different to the normal weapons they make, made mainly from wood. The trigger was nice to pull and broke at 2 and three-quarter pounds consistently. We also had no issue with the feeding, cycling and ejecting or the rounds and the rifle ran very smoothly. All of the controls are large and not too fiddly, which is always a bonus when you are cycling quickly and reloading even quicker.

The only issue we had with this hunting rifle is that it did not perform as well as we had hoped. Normally, you get some good accuracy from Mossberg weapons but this one was disappointing. The rifle only managed a 1.5-inch measurement in our 5-shot tests and this is what really knocked the rifle down. If you are looking for an accurate rifle then you may need to choose another rifle on this list. This one may look good but it doesn’t shoot as good as previous Mossberg rifles.

Rise Armament 303H S Series Review

  • Great looking rifle
  • Accurate
  • Steady crosshairs and easy control

This is another great looking rifle and although it has a long and awful name, it actually is a very good rifle for hunting. The rifle looks like it should be out of a movie. It is cut very pleasingly and looks great. This rifle uses .223 rounds and gives the user a lot of control over the weapon during tests because of the Picatinny rail and the narrow handguard. This all makes the rifle easy to raise and shoot with fantastic accuracy. The rifle’s crosshairs were constantly steady and didn’t sway from the target, even during fast cycles.

Bergara B-14 HMR Review

  • Very accurate
  • Decent price for what you get
  • Very comfortable and easy to use
  • A little heavy
  • Need some tweaking to make the stock more flexibility and utility friendly
This is a fantastic rifle and is a hybrid hunter rifle and chambers 6.5 Creedmoor. This hunting rifle is excellently priced and has a ton of extra and useful features that many of you will enjoy. One of these is the fact that the rifle is very accurate and was one of the more accurate rifles in our tests. During the 5-shot group test, the weapon achieved a .831 inch measurement, which is very good. This rifle is very accurate and perfect for hunting in many different environments.

The bolt and features are generously sized making the rifle very easy to use and cycle through. We were able to cycle the rounds very quickly and because of the rifle’s weight, we could maintain the recoil of the weapon and keep control, which leads to more accurate shots even during fast firing.

On a note about the weight, the heavy structure means that this may be a heavy rifle to carry during hunting, but this may only be an issue for some. If you don’t plan on using it for hunting, it is excellent for competitions, especially when you have the extended magazine. If you master this weapon you can use it in any situation.

The stock is comfortable and highly adjustable. It has a little knob where you can make adjustments on the move and can be used with spaces to alter the pull. The fact that the stock also has cups to enable an additional sling is fantastic and means that you can make this weapon easier to carry if you’re out hunting. However, a third cup should be in place for added flexibility.

In terms of the magazine and mechanics, the gun ran very smoothly with no issue in feeding, cycling, and ejection. The rifle holds a 5-round detachable magazine and this can be extended to 10 with an upgrade.

The Hunting Rifle Buying Guide

Those were the 8 best-hunting rifles for 2021. However, you may be a beginner and may not know the best rifle for you. A lot of the time, the rifle choice comes down to personal preference and your shooting style. However, there are a few pointers you can use to make sure you get a good Hunting rifle that will do the job properly. Here are a few tips when you’re choosing a hunting rifle.

Hunting Rifle Ammunition Selector

Many people do not think about the ammunition they need and why it is important. Well, the fact of the matter is that hunting ammunition is very important for you and the animal you’re hunting. If you have a bullet that is too small, you will cause the animal to suffer and die slowly, and you’ll probably have to track the animal until it stops and dies. If you use too big of ammunition, you’ll kill the animal quickly but there will be less meat to take home. Decide on the cartridge you want and ask yourself what your goals are. Do you want a lot of meat to take home or are you not fussed? Once you’ve decided that, you can move on to the next consideration.

Types Of Hunting Rifles

You will need to consider what material and action you want when you are buying a hunting rifle. Some rifles are made from wood and some from metal. Carbon Steel is less expensive but will rust easier than other types of material. Stainless steel, on the other hand, doesn’t rust but will cost you more money. As for wood, it really depends on what feels comfortable in your hands. As for the action, some people may prefer a repeater rifle or a single-shot rifle. A single shot is old-school and they are slicker and better-looking rifles, but they are harder to reload. Repeater rifles can hold several rounds and are easier to fire repeatedly. Beginners should stick to repeater rifles, they are easier to master.


Hunting rifles are not cheap so when you are buying one you want to make sure you are getting the best. When you are hunting you need to make sure that the rifle you are using is accurate and that it suits your shooting style. If you are a beginner then you should use the guide to decide which rifle you should pick. Normally, for beginners, should a repeater rifle over a single shot (even though there are no single-shot rifles in the list above) and make sure that you choose one that’s light. Unless you have the experience, you don’t want to be carrying a big rifle around all day.

Update - 2021.02.09Added updated review of the Anschutz 1781

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