Best Private Jet Companies of 2021

Hate waiting in long queues at security or just don’t want to deal with the rigamarole of commercial flights, i.e. overbooking, showing up a few hours early, daunting boarding processes, or waiting in overcrowded airport lounges.

Then boarding a private jet may be a great option for you. Private jet travel offers a plethora of benefits including improved productivity, client retention, and valuable time saved on shuttling between cities or countries.

However, sifting through the myriad private jet companies to find the right fit can be a bit overwhelming, due to the myriad options available. But after checking out several options in this segment, we’ve rounded off on 6 best private jet charter companies ready to whisk you away in sheer comfort and safety.

Top 7 Private Jet Companies and Charters Reviews

Private Jet Finder Review

Private Jet Finder reviewPrivate Jet Finder just as the name would suggest provides you with access to a luxurious fleet of jets around the clock. This dynamic enterprise is geared towards the likes of businessmen, CEO’s and professionals who desire a high level of air transport services or clients looking for private jet services without having to own one.

Key Reasons to Choose Private Jet Finder

  • Different types of aircraft to choose from including VIP
  • Easy book via phone or online
  • Serves more than 170 countries and 5000 airports
  • Innovative online platform
  • Network of 1000+ operators

Private Jet Finder offers several different types of aircraft to choose from including Light Jet – ideal for short or medium range flights, Medium Jets – most popular choice and capacity for 8 to 10 passengers, and Large Jets – cover distances beyond 5,000 nm nonstop.

Light jet plane models include:

  • Eurocopter
  • EC 120 Colibrì
  • Cessna Citation II

medium jet models include

  • Learjet 45
  • Citation Latitude
  • Rockwell · Sabreliner 60/65

and large jets include

  •  Gulfstream G350
  • Challenger 850
  • and Global 6000 aircraft.

Private Jet Finder also offers regional airliners such as Saab 340, EMB 135, and myriad VIP aircraft including Yak 42, Boing 767, and McDonnell Douglas MD82. Booking a flight with Private Jet Finder is a phone call or just a few clicks away.

Once you get in touch with one of the prow operators, you will be briefed on the best private jet options available to you, depending on the number of passengers, and type of aircraft you want to rent.

Alternatively, jet setters can also book their choice of aircraft by filling out a few fields in the form on the official website. Private Jet Finder reaches over 170 different countries and serves more than 5000 airports across the globe.

Some of the most popular destinations include:

  • Amsterdam – Ibiza
  • Brussels – Olbia Sardinia,
  • Dubai – Riyadh,
  • and Frankfurt – Brussels.

Private Jet Finder features an innovative online platform and a global network of over 1000 professional operators.

Check Out Private Jet Finder Here

Villiers Jets Review

Villiers Jets review

Founded in 2014, Villiers Jets is an esteemed name in the private jet segment, and for several good reasons. This reputed private jet platform is billed as the world’s largest global private jet network, with agents located in over 30 countries around the globe.

Key Reasons to Choose Villiers Jets

  • Regarded as the world’s largest private jet network
  • Agents in over 30 countries
  • Large fleet of jets to choose from
  • Wide range of price points
  • Rewards points program

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Villiers Jets offers a wide range of services, spread across different price points, making it a great choice for most types of flyers. The company allows you to pick and confirm the service you would like in just a few easy steps and can get you up in the air within an impressive two hours after booking.

Further, Villiers Jets offers several different aircraft types to choose from, starting with jet only, large propeller, entry jets, small propeller to heavy long-range, and VIP airliners. One of the noteworthy features of the company is its real-time quotes, and direct operator pricing, so you get firsthand access to competitive prices in a single place.

With regards to numbers, Villiers Jets aggregates over 10,000 aircraft, which touchdown in over 40,0000 locations worldwide. So, whether you have a business trip in New York or a heli-skiing trip in the Swiss Alps, trust that Villiers Jets will get you there comfortably and safely.

Booking a private jet with Villiers Jets is easy, where you log in to their website, search for the most competitive private jet prices from their massive global network, compare prices, and book your preferred private flight. With no delays or queues, and private VIP terminals, Villiers Jets offers unapparelled flexibility, and industry-leading safety (ARG/US certified operators) each time you fly.

Flying with Villiers Jets the first time gets you an invite to the JetClub – an exclusive membership that provides guests with points every time they fly. These points can be redeemed against exclusive member offers and future flights. For a private jet company that offers hundreds of jets to choose from to over 30 countries, a wide range or price points, and gets you up in the air quickly, Villiers Jets is hard to beat. 

Vida Jets Review 

Whether it’s exploring new destinations with family and friends or flying corporate guests across the world, Vida Jets has you covered. Conceived in 2012, and headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, United States, Vida Jets offers the best of both worlds – truly exceptional and unrivaled service, and an expansive portfolio of charter options and worldwide destinations to choose from.

Key Reasons to Choose Vida Jets

  • More than 6000 aircraft and 12,000 happy clients
  • Different types of jets available including air ambulances
  • Easy quotes and booking
  • Personalized app and membership cards
  • Personal concierge services

Vida Jets boasts a network of more than 6000 aircraft, has served more than 12000 happy clients and is a preferred choice for more than 12,500 happy flyers. The company’s fleet consists of myriad different types of jets, ranging from ultra-long-range jets that can accommodate 1 – 45 passengers, heavy jets that come with all the bells and whistles including a stewardess and entertainment systems, and helicopters that can fly at speeds of up to 155 mph.

Vida Jets also offers expert consulting services to guide clients through every aspect of the private jet flying experience, and help them find the perfect solution for their needs. Jet Traveler is an exclusive app by Vida Jets that is available for download in the Apple Play Store and provides access to thousands of Wyvern/Argus approved aircraft. Using the app is pretty straightforward, where you tap the screen, and receive an instant quote, with a multitude of options.

After receiving a quote, you will be assigned a Jet Specialist to assist you in planning your trip from start to finish. This app is backed by the latest technology, and is billed as a breakthrough in the private aviation business. Vida Altitudes is an exclusive membership by Vida Jets that is accepted at airports worldwide, and provides one-stop access to air ambulances, helicopters, Airbus and Boeing Jets among others.

It can be ordered in a choice of three variants – Gold Card membership with a deposit of $100,000 for 3% discount on flight charges, Platinum Card membership with a deposit of $25,000 for a discount of 5% on flight charges, and Black Card membership with a deposit of $500,000 for a 6% discount on flight charges.

And if you do get caught up in an AOG (Aircraft on Ground) situation, Vida Jets through its personal concierge services will strive to make alternate arrangements to accommodate the delay you have had to face, and arrange a new aircraft to get you to your booked destination. Vida Jets also offers great discounts with its Empty Legs service, which is a great way to access private jet travel at greatly reduced prices.

Stratos Jet Charters Review

Stratos Jet Charters has been an esteemed name in the private jet charter space for over a decade, and is renowned for delivering consistent and outstanding services across the United States and around the globe. The company is Argus certified, meaning it adheres to stringent independent safety audits and inspections pertaining to jet charter operators.

Key Reasons to Choose Stratos Jet Charters

  • Argus certified operator
  • World class service
  • Unmatched safety standards
  • Highly knowledgeable staff
  • Stratos 25 Hour Jet Card membership program
  • Empty leg flight booking

Speaking of safety, jet vendors associated with Stratos Jet Charters are part of the Air Charter Safety Due Diligence Program, hence are some of the highly trusted and screened aircraft in the skies. Stratos Jet Charters is dedicated to providing unsurpassed customer satisfaction, and meeting client expectations on every aircraft and every flight.

Flight services offered by Stratos Jet Charters are geared towards providing clients with memorable air travel experiences, starting from the time you book to when you arrive with a smile at your destination. These services are designed for casual as well as business travelers, so whether you desire the economy of a turboprop or the superior capabilities of a heavy jet, Stratos Jet Charters won’t disappoint.

With the on-demand program by Stratos Jet Charters, individuals and executive travelers enjoy the ultimate freedom and flexibility they’ve come to expect from private jet travel including firsthand access to aircrafts across a wide range of classes. In terms of pricing, Stratos Jet Charters provides a handy instant quote calculator, but to give you an idea start from $1500 per flying hour.

Additionally, passengers can also check out discounted empty leg flights, which is a great way to hop a private jet, and fly at discounted prices. Stratos Jet Charters is backed by highly trained charter agents who will suggest the most suitable aircraft for your needs and budget.

Arranging a private jet with Stratos Jet Charters can be done by getting a quote on their website, or calling a Stratos Jets charter agent around the clock. Passengers can also enroll in the Stratos 25 Hour Jet Card membership program, which provides you with access to over 5000 jets, and guarantees available with as little as 10 hours’ notice.

Qatar Executive Review

Qatar Executive is an award-winning private jet service that has garnered a stellar reputation ever since it took flight in 2009 at the Paris Air Show. Part of the Qatar Airways Group, Qatar Executive provides a truly exceptional way of flying and caters to its most discerning passengers with an ultra-modern fleet of Gulfstream and Bombardier corporate jets.

Key Reasons to Choose Qatar Executive

  • Award-winning service
  • Class-leading jets to choose from
  • Ability to earn Qmiles (reward miles)
  • Industry-leading safety
  • Several services available including aircraft charter

The cabin crew of Qatar Executive private jets are backed by a wealth of experience of more than 10 years in commercial and private aviation and offer nothing short of exemplary service. Qatar Executive flight crew undergoes the same training as Qatar Airways pilots to ensure the highest safety standards.

Each pilot is highly experienced in flying corporate aircraft all across the world, so you can rest assured of top-notch safety. Flight attendants similarly undergo recurrent training and provide onboard service and safety that is second to none. Each aircraft in the Qatar Executive fleet is maintained by the in-house Part 145 program to standards that exceed manufacturer requirements.

Qatar Executive has received several awards since its inception, most notably Outstanding Growth – 2015 at the Gulf Aviation networking event, Best Business Aviation Operator of the Year 2015, and First ‘Business Aviation Operator’ in the Middle East. This elite private jet charter service is a member of the Air Charter Association, African Business Aviation Association, National Business Aviation Association, Middle East and North Africa Business Aviation Association, and Wyvern & ISBAO Certification.

The Qatar Executive aircraft charter service is geared towards business, corporations, individuals, and government, and offers an unparalleled travel experience with an exquisitely equipped modern fleet. This service is available with zero capital investment and monthly management fees and is backed by an industry-experienced executive team.

Qatar Executive guests can also enroll in its membership program – Privilege Club, and earn Qmiles. This membership program is divided into four distinct tiers – Burgundy, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, and makes traveling more rewarding. Reward miles or Qmiles can also be earned when passengers or their family members travel with Qatar Executive or its 100+ global partners.

Private Jet Card Comparisons Review

Private Jet Card Comparison helps avoid costly mistakes when booking a private jet by providing you with the best option for your needs. Determining the best private jet card prior to the launch of Private Jet Card Comparisons used to takes weeks in gathering research, comparing several options alongside, and in worse cases calling the company to clarify information unclear or unavailable on their website.

Key Features of Private Jet Card Comparisons

  • $250 annual subscription fee
  • 50 jet card providers to choose from
  • Several different filters to narrow search
  • Personal assistant service (VIP JET CARD DECIDER)

Private Jet Card Comparisons makes this rather tedious process a piece of cake and provides you with easy to digest information in a spreadsheet format, cutting down the comparison process to under an hour. Searching the Private Jet Comparison database is just as easy, where users can choose from over 65 variables/filters to narrow their search and find the best private jet card for their trip.

These filters include searching from over 50 providers, cabin, size, type of aircraft, number of seats, and/or how the respective aircraft is sourced. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, given that users can also filter the database by lead time for bookings and cancellations, safety standards, WiFi availability, segment and daily minimums, pet policies or the minimum age for sending unaccompanied minors.

The VIP JET CARD DECIDER service by Private Jet Card Comparisons serves as a personal assistant, which is designed to provide the best jet card recommendations for passengers simply by answering a few key questions. This service also provides advice on whether or not leases or on-demand charter, fractional shares could be a better option.

It also provides a comprehensive BEST PRIVATE JET BROKERS GUIDE, which consists of a detailed FAA list of all Part 135 charter operators, and tail numbers to steer clear of illegal charters. These expert charter brokers include consumer reviews and ratings, Argus certification, Wyvern certification, and Screened by Private Jet Card Comparisons.

Private Jet Card Comparisons is a subscription-based service that costs $250 annually. This cost is well justified, given the trove of information the service provides, and the large amount of money you can save by choosing the right private jet card. As part of the subscription, you also get a copy of the Doug Gollan’s book Jet Card Pricing: 19 Factors That Impact the Cost of Your Private Flights – a $24.95 value.

Private Jet Card Comparisons claims it does not accept payments or referral fees from jet card providers, so you gain access to 100 percent unbiased information. Further, it does not sell user contact information to third parties in an effort to safeguard user privacy.

Simple Charters Review

Lucky Jets Review

Choosing the Best Private Jet for your Needs

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best private jet for your needs, most notably:

Size of Aircraft

The size of the aircraft plays an important role in both the comfort quotient and overall safety of your flight. Private jets charters offer several categories to choose from such as:

Turboprop aircraft – this range of aircraft, sometimes referred to as small prop or private propeller is deemed the most economical choice for short trips. Aircraft in this category typically cruise at speeds of 300 knots and can travel for roughly 1500 miles non-stop.

Turboprop aircraft are an ideal choice for short trips, and for those on a tight budget, and given their small size can operate out of remote airports owing to their short field landing capabilities.

A few examples of turboprop aircraft include the Beechcraft BE300 Super King Air (seats 8), Cessna C208 Caravan (seats 9), and BN2 Islander (seats 8). Prices for small prop planes generally start at $1500 for 15 minutes of flight time.

Light, small jets – this range of private jets is usually faster than turboprops and is often dubbed VLJS in short. They can cruise at speeds of up to 400 knots and can cover approximately 1700 miles non-stop.

Small jets can accommodate between one and four passengers comfortably and are generally a cost-efficient choice.  Some noteworthy examples of light, small jets include the Citation Mustang (seats 4), Learjet 31 (seats 7), and Phenom 300 (seats 7). Prices for small private jet services start at approximately $4000 for 55 minutes of flight time.

Medium jets – for guests looking to fly for two to four hours, medium jets may be worth considering. They are able to cruise at average speeds of 430 knots and provide an average range of 2000 miles.

Further, most medium-size jets offer a larger baggage capacity and are more comfortable compared to small jets. Medium jet examples include the Citation XLS (seats 8), and Hawker 800/800XP (seats 8). Prices for medium jet travel start at $20,000 for an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes flight time.

Long-range jets – this class of jets offers the ultimate blend of performance, economy and comfort for longer flights. They are also a great option for clients looking to travel in unsurpassed comfort over shorter distances.

Popular long-range jet options include the Gulfstream G650 (seats 14), Global Express XRS/6000 (seats 14), and the Falcon 7X (seats 13). Prices for long-range jet charter start at roughly $72,000 for a flight time of 6 hours and 30 minutes.

Top 10 Features of Private jets

Private jets offer a world of convenience when traveling across countries or around the world. They can be chartered in a choice of several different types, and offer a plethora of luxury features and amenities to choose from such as:

Well-appointed lounges – today’s private jets provide no room for disappointment with their generously spaced lounges. These lounges can be appointed with everything from recliner style seats, overstuffed sofas to personal entertainment consoles, are geared towards elite and VIP travelers.

Cabins of private jets are configured a large amount of legroom, and storage space. Further, the latest private jets are equipped with more spacious and functional spaces that are sometimes further divided into separate rooms, allowing passengers to conduct business in the air.

Bathrooms – just like luxurious lounges, the bathrooms of most private jets are well spaced and well-appointed. Some private jets even come with two or more bathrooms, so you and your guests can enjoy the best of comfort. Bathroom spaces on private jets allow guests to take showers, and are fitted with great amenities, allowing guests to arrive at their destination looking and feeling fresh and alert.

Full-service kitchens – even though private jet guests will hardly find the need to step out of their seats, its nice to know that many aircraft in this space do come with fully equipped kitchens stocked with world-class cuisine items and beverages.

Sleeping space – the ability to sleep while in the air in top-notch comfort is a whole new experience, and with some private jets, you get both comfortable recliners, and dedicated bedrooms with traditional king-size beds, and master suites that can be compared to the likes of those you’d find at five-star hotels.

Technology – apart from meeting rooms, a segment of private jets comes loaded with the latest state of the art technology for passenger comfort, entertainment, and to ensure business as usual while flying through the clouds. Technology perks private jet guests can look forward to including access to surround sound, DVD and Blu-Ray players, wide-screen televisions, and wireless technologies.

Award-winning service – private jet travel allows you to fly like the stars, and experience world class service with highly experienced cabin crew. Private jet flight attendants are able to meet requests on demand, and ensure guests are served well throughout their flight.

Pet accommodation – another big perk of private jet travel is the ability to take your furry friends wherever you go. Most private jet airlines do require you to carry the necessary documentation for your pet including vaccination records, etc. for the safety your you pet (s), and to adhere to aviation regulations.

Private Jet Travel F.A.Q.’s

Are private jets safe?

Answer: Guests flying in private jets can opt for additional layers of safety, some of which surpass the FAA’s requirements. There are three distinct high-level safety standards in private jet aviation namely IS-BAO, ARGUS and WYVERN. These world-renowned organizations set the standards in world aviation safety, and are recognized all over the world.

IS-BAO – short for International Standard for Business Aircraft Operation, the IS-BAO provides three stages of safety guidelines that private jet companies should adhere to for IS-BAO certification.

ARGUS Platinum – another well-respected certification within the private jet charter segment, ARGUS Platinum is the most requested certification by private jet charter companies and can be requested from the ARGUS website.

WYVERN Wingman – this certification places a high value on the safety of both their employees and clientele. The Wingman Report published by the organization serves as a great resource for aviation companies and clients alike.

Do private jet flight attendants provide the same services as commercial cabin crew?

Answer: The first thing to understand is the fact that even though a commercial aviation flight attendant’s job is similar to that of one employed in commercial aviation, their overall service is on another level. Private jet flight attendants may not have a background in commercial aviation but will possess a wealth of experience serving high-end clients such as in the roles of chefs, executive assistants, etc.

How to book a private jet?   

There are several businesses that connect regular travelers with the best private jet option for their needs, and oftentimes at great prices. One of the preferred options to book and pay for a private jet flight is by gathering several of your friends and book an entire aircraft together. Companies generally opt for this type of service as it works out to be a cost-efficient option, without compromising on world-class service for their clients.

There are membership-based programs, including ones offered by private jet companies. Buying a membership plan to suit your flying needs allows passengers to reserve a certain number of seats on private jet flights. Another budget-friendly option is empty leg flight bookings, which allows passengers to book seats on flights that have previously been canceled, an empty jet return flight, etc.

Do private jet charters offer rewards points?

Apart from booking heavily discounted seats on private jet flights, there are a select few credit cards that offer excellent rewards when you book with them. These cards include the Blue Business Plus Credit Card from American Express, Chase Freedom Unlimited, Discover it Miles, Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, and Bank of America® Premium Rewards® credit card.

Most of the top private jet companies mentioned on this list such as Qatar Executive offers their exclusive programs that are extremely rewarding especially if you fly with them often.

What are Jet Cards?

When looking to book a private jet, you will probably hear the term “jet cards” crop up often, which to explain briefly are prepaid cards that you can load up with cash, and redeem when booking a flight with participating private jet airlines. There are currently over 50 jet cards and over 300 offers to choose from.

Final thoughts:

Private jet travel is not what it used to be a decade or so ago, but today is geared to both budget savvy, and those who wish to fly in ultimate comfort without actually owning an aircraft. They are easy to book through several leading platforms, or through private jet charter broker services.

Private jet travelers in most cases are able to skip the long security lines compared to commercial flight passengers. Furthermore, passengers spend less time on the ground and more in the air, owing to relaxed boarding times, and from world-class lounges. Regardless of the aircraft guests choose for their private jet travel, they can rest assured of superior comfort right until landing at their destination. 

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