Best Water Filter Pitcher Reviews of 2022

Though water is disinfected using ozone and chlorine, there still are some traces which might reach your faucet. So in order to purify this water from a municipal system that brings chemicals, contaminants as well as harmful bacteria, viruses or parasites, you need some serious kind of water filtration system in order to get filtered water in it’s purest form.

That said, along with our friends at WaterFilterCast, we have crafted this list of some of the best water filter pitchers to help you pick the right one. The market is saturated with a number of brands offering many water filter models making it difficult for you to choose the best one.

In this post, you will be able to decide which one is the best for your health and also the best for your budget. Though this list contains expensive as well as inexpensive models, you will be able to see differences between them due to the features and quality of pure water they generate. We also have a recommendation for those looking for affordable water filter pitchers that give the best quality water.

We spent hours on research because it’s a sensitive matter for health and we want to recommend you only the best device which could be worth the money you spend.

See this comparison chart to differentiate between the models we have listed.

Water FiltersCapacityRatingCheck Price
PUR 18 Cup Dispenser18-Cup4.9/5Check Price
Brita 10-Cup Everyday10-Cup4.8/5Check Price
MAVEA Elemaris XL 9-Cup09-Cup4.7/5Check Price
ZeroWater 10-Cup Pitcher10-Cup4.6/5Check Price
BWT – Designer Water Filter Pitcher~12-Cup4.5/5Check Price
PUR – 7-Cup Ultimate Pitcher07-Cup4.4/5Check Price


Go through these water filter pitcher reviews to determine the best piece for you.


Ranks #1 out of 5 

The PUR 18 cup water

The PUR 18 CUP is small in size but great in performance and its water purifiers are becoming an essential part of most homes. This can hold a perfect amount of water one needed for the whole day. Its smart design and compact construction give an eye-catching and elegant look.

The internal technology used in this small gadget is optimized to yield the maximum performance. Some key highlights one should consider before purchasing a worthy water dispenser are listed here below:

  • BPA Free
  • PUR Aquatic Dispenser Is Certified to decrease Microbial Cysts
  • 1 Filter Included
  • 1.125 Gallon Capacity

It uses MAXION Filter Technology for easy removal of impurities from water. These impurities included many industrial and environmental pollutants. It removes 95% of certain environmental pollutants and 96% of Mercury from the water. One thing which is essential for the reliable and long-term use of any water dispenser is to change the water filter after a specific time. A clean filter means clean water, therefore, it should be cleaned after 2 months or after 40 gallons of water.

The design of the material used in its construction is chosen with special care as it may cause direct issues to your health. Fine quality plastic is used that is clear and unbreakable. This smart interactive design is the focus that attracts people to it in the first place. Design dimensions are 5.63W x 15.75H x 10.25L which is pretty much easy to store everywhere on the shelves.

Besides design and other specifications, the cost is the thing that matters to everyone. This is the reason the company produces this super quality unit at an affordable and cheap price. The price is low and you will not think twice about paying it.

Considering all above-mentioned information and reading thousands of user’s reviews it is quite clear that this is the safest electric power water dispenser that uses attest technology and unique design keeping the competitive market edge. I personally recommend this as it directly adds value to you while saving you a lot of your money. This could be the most worth it water dispenser ever.


  • Filter light indicator that indicated when you need to change the filter


  • Running hot water can decrease the filter performance


The Brita 10 cupAs we are pacing towards a futuristic and modern life, the technology is advancing very quickly so the pollution is limited. These advances make drinking pure sources of water available to everyone.

We have many ways of cleaning it like filtering and boiling but these do not usually help with heavy metals and even the taste of water becomes very harsh. Considering these issue the Brita Company has designed a new product that is easy to use and gets you healthy and tasty water. Brita has designed an everyday water filter pitcher that meets all your requirements and purchasing it will definitely make you feel it’s worth spending on. It has a great design that can fit in your refrigerator door easily and its oval shape fits in less place which is a great feature.

Another feature that you may not find anywhere else is that it can filter heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and copper. These metals affect your health with the passage of time and can be very harmful. A problem faced by consumers who use other filters is that chlorine smells and tastes remain in the water even after filtration which spoils its taste. If you purchase this unit, you are no longer going to face this issue and water will taste good automatically. Also, it has a large capacity for water storage to meet family requirements. This is the best feature for sure and you will love it as it meets all challenges efficiently and you do not have to pay much for it.

The best features that make it worth it are the following:

  • Ergonomic shape that fits in your fridge door
  • 10 glass water capacity
  • Long lifespan of the filter
  • Improves water taste
  • Filters heavy metals
  • Easy installation of the filter

Like all these great products, it will reduce environmental pollution, as purchasing it will reduce the use of plastic water bottles and it will eventually reduce the amount of plastic dumped through landfilling.

This great product comes with a flip-top lid that makes refilling a breeze. The efficient filter has a long life and does not get dirty easily. It takes 2 months to replace the old ones with a new one and one filter can clean 400 gallons of water before needing replacement. Sounds good! It also has a sticker indicator will tell you that it is time to replace the filter.

  • Affordable
  • Gives water the best taste
  • Makes water healthy.
  • Filters heavy metals


  • Lid issue as it gets loose when you pour water so need to hold it.


Sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose the best water filtration pitcher from all the available options. Every manufacturer is trying its best to import the unique feature that can boost sales and also build strong customer trust. Here we discuss the trusted reviews and information which is only gathered from the most trusted and reliable resources from my personal experience. This time it is the MAVEA Elemaris XL 9 cup water filtration pitcher.

The most interactive and beautiful machine I ever experience is the MAVEA elemaris water filter pitcher. The water filter pitcher is handy and you can handle them with one hand too. These are available in 2 different standard sizes of 9 cups and 5 cups. The ever trusted German technology gives unexpected high quality and crystal clear water with 0 percent impurities or harmful substances. The next generation technology gives sweet water with a pleasant taste. This is incredible.

Some of the benefits of this automatic water filtration unit are listed here below:

  • Unmatched design in the industry
  • MAVEA digital measurement meter that keeps an eye on filter conditions and indicates in real time when there is a need to change the filter.
  • Measures water volume and water hardness
  • Molded feet gives strong surface grip and avoids slippage
  • As many of others, it is also BPA free
  • Available in 2 standard sizes, 5 and 9 cups of water.
  • Multi-colour availability
  • Dimensions are 10.5” L x 6.0” W x 11.7″ H

The material used in its construction is also up to par which gives it a durable and reliable performance. The MAVEA elemaris XL 9 cup water filtration pitcher is also known as a family sized water filter. It stores total 0.92 gallons of water in its pitcher and 0.58 gallons of filter water ready to drink. The funnel and pitcher are made of SAN. The lid colour is made up of ABS polypropylene

For purification, it uses the certified MAVEA Maxtra filter which has already been tested NSF for the removal of heavy metal or other impurities. Here are some of the items that are being removed by this water filter.

  • Organic impurities
  • Heavy metals including mercury and other
  • Pesticides and harmful acids

This greatly featured machine is available at the lowest price and it does not disappoint.

Now, it is time for you to decide, to make your choice, for me this is one of the best water filter pitchers hands down.

  • No need to smoke filter before use
  • Silver included antimicrobial protection
  • The filter is 100 percent recyclable
  • Unique shape like none of the others


  • None


ZeroWater 10 cup pitcherThe ZeroWater 10 cup pitcher is an averagely sized water filter pitcher which can filter 10 cups of water in one cycle and is one of the best replacements of the expensive osmosis system. ZeroWater is a well-known name among the water filter pitchers and they offer several types of pitchers including this one.

Product Specifications & Features

  • NSF certified for removal of lead: Yes
  • NSF certified for removal of organic containment: No
  • Filter life indicator: Yes

This best pitcher is specifically designed for those who want pure and safe water without having the expense of installing a reverse osmosis system for filtration in their kitchen.

What is better in it?

There many things that make it better from the rest but we mostly like its ability to remove all the dissolved solid particles. A TDS (total dissolved solids) meter is included and you can check it by yourself.  And also there is no need to pre-soak the filter before use, it is ready to use right out of the box.

Quite Ergonomic

It has a quite ergonomic design, the bottom spout of the pitcher makes it easy to hold and the most advantageous thing is that the user can directly pour the water into the glass without taking the whole pitcher out of the refrigerator.

It works on recycling and rebating process which reduces the environmental impact of the filter.


It is internationally NSF certified to remove volatile organic compounds, metals, pesticides and inorganic matter like many other well-known brands. As the water filter filters the water too quickly and effectively, it also needs to be changed on regular basis—the only downside to this 10 cup pitcher.

Before it needs to be replaced it removes almost 18,000 mg of dissolved solid particles and that is more than enough. That means the regular tap water will have a huge impact on the quality of water that can be filtered.

According to the manufacturer, it filters almost 30-40 gallons of water per filter in the US.

Among the numerous different options, this Zero-water 10 cup pitcher is the best product.  There are many dominating features that make this product reliable such as ergonomic design, excellent filtration performance and huge filtration capability. All of the above and it is NSF certified.  Make this pitcher your priority choice if you really want to add value to your money.


  • Super ergonomic design
  • Filters quickly and effectively
  • NSF certified
  • Removes almost 18000 mg of dissolved solids per filter
  • Filter 30-40 gallons of water per filter


  • Filter needs to be replaced regularly


BWT-Designer Water Filter PitcherBWT designer is another great water filter pitcher on our list and offers good water filtration and removes all types of contaminants and chemicals making it clean and clear for drinking.

Product Specification

  • Product Dimensions: 10.4” x 11.3” x 4.5”
  • Product Weight: 2 lbs
  • Product Colour: Green or White (2 colour options)
  • Product Design: slender design ( Easy to fit in the refrigerator)

This BWT water pitcher is specially designed to mineralize water with magnesium. It has a unique slender design and weighs only 2 lbs—it fits into the refrigerator quite nicely.

As magnesium is one of the essential minerals for a human body, this pitcher makes sure that you are getting enough amount of it.

Key Features

  • Magnesium enhances the taste of water
  • Removes solid impurities, scales, heavy duty metals and chlorine
  • Elegant design
  • The filter produces effective performance consistently
  • Silver-containing filter gives more fresh, pure and clean water

Magnesium—an Essential Mineral

As mentioned above magnesium is one of the essential minerals. It is the vital part of almost 300 different reactions that take place in the human body. It is useful for treating many diseases for example fibromyalgia, ADHD, irregular heartbeat, chest pain and high cholesterol.

Better Taste

Other than adding magnesium to water the filter removes solid particles, heavy metals and chlorine from water. The silver included in the filter act as antimicrobial and gives fresher and purer water with better taste.

The BTW filter removes the heavy metal and other solid impurities from the filter and makes it perfect for the tea kettle and coffee pot. Being a taste carrier magnesium enhances the taste of the drink.


It is quite convenient to use. Sometimes I personally forget to change the filter—which defeats the main purpose of the filter. There is the counter on the pitcher lid which helps the user keep track of the number of filtrations. Unlike other filters, solid residue doesn’t stick to the bottom of the filter and gives consistent and effective results for the entire life.

This BWT Designer Water Filter Pitcher is specifically designed to mineralize the water magnesium. It is convenient to use—filters consistently and effectively. No doubt it gives good value for your money. Make this magnesium pitcher your priority choice.

  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Fits in the fridge nicely
  • Produces magnesium mineralized water
  • Better taste
  • The counter on the lid helps to keep track of the number of filtrations


  • None at this time


PUR 7 ultimate pitcherPUR 7 is not a top quality water filter pitcher but still manages to get itself in our list of top water filter pitchers due to its outstanding performance and its reasonable price tag.

PUR 7 is considered to be the favourite water filter pitchers for many homeowners or who already have been using water filter pitchers by this well-known brand.

What makes this water filter pitcher unique from others is the water cleaning process and the quality of water it produces after a high-end process of eliminating germs, chemicals and other inorganic ingredients from the water and makes the water perfect for drinking.

PUR 7 has earned respectable reviews from the users and that’s the reason we chose this pitcher in out top water filter pitchers list to give you the best water filter pitchers available in 2019.

You will strongly agree with me when I say that you need the best water filter pitcher right now if you are using municipal tap-water.


Because the tap water is not safe and includes chemicals, toilet water, chloramine, fluoride, and even birth control drugs come all the way to your kitchen.  Imagine the number of diseases this dirty water can cause for you if you have children in your home.

Still, don’t agree?

Jonathan Yoder, epidemiologist and deputy branch chief of the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch, explained, “We know that [tap] water’s not pure; it’s not sterile. So while it’s being treated and brought to the home, there certainly could be things that could be in water that the consumer might be concerned about.”

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