Best Winery Resorts In The USA

Taking a winery vacation is one of the most exciting things that wine fans can do. This post will go over some of the most exciting resorts and places that you can take that wine excursion in the USA. Many of the places homebrew their own wine and make them into overall experiences to enjoy the wine.

Our top pick goes to:

Bernardus Lodge & Spa In Carmel Valley, CA

Bernardus Lodge Spa Review

Ranked as one of the best wine resorts in California, we also have it listed as our ‘Must Go-To’ in the USA. Bernardus Lodge has a rural setting and ranch-like inspiration. Located on the property is the Bernardus Winery which offers complimentary glasses of wine when you check-in. This is a welcome surprise and gives you just a taste of what your overall experience is going to be here.  A few perks of the Bernardus Lodge will be the Lucia Restaurant who is run by top chefs that trained with Alain Ducasse and Pierre Gagnaire which guarantees a top-shelf dining experience. Also, don’t forget to use their spa which will have you soaking in a chardonnay-filled bubble bath.

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