Where To Buy Handguns Online for Personal Safety

Nowadays, personal safety has become something that needs to be looked into. Your personal safety can be at risk anywhere and at any time, which is why it is very important to take matters into your own hands. Some people may prefer keeping a less damaging weapon and that may allow them to sleep peacefully at night; however, there are many people who need to keep proper ammunition in order to remain safe. Many people keep handguns, like a 9mm, for their personal safety and many times this is a necessity (for example, if you are living in a city with a high crime rate or are in a position of power and know your life is at risk).

Why is a Handgun Desired for Personal Safety?

A survey conducted by Pew Research Center in 2013 found that 48% of gun owners reported that the main reason they owned a gun was for their personal safety. While this is only a statistic, the psychological impact of having a gun and the security one feels with it in their possession is profound.

There are many people out there who believe keeping a gun in their house would be an unsafe and unjust act and such people would probably prefer learning self-defense or installing security equipment to stay safe. However, when circumstances are such that you are in need of a weapon and feel constantly threatened by an outside source, keeping a gun at home may be justifiable.719018520

While guns, in general, are believed to be a precipitant of violence, they are actually quite advantageous to keep, especially in places where crime rates are high or for people who live with a looming threat over their heads (like a violent ex or an ex-gang member). In such cases, a handgun would be desired for personal safety and protection.

Aside from this, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution has declared that US citizens have a right to bear arms. This does not necessarily mean that it is mandatory, but it is definitely allowed and for those who need a safeguard, it may as well be a necessity.

For many people, owning a gun becomes a part of their identity and they feel that it provides them with a sense of safety that cannot be obtained from anything else. This is a valid viewpoint until it is justified with the observance of proper gun safety. Gun safety is an essential component of the overall experience and being in possession of a handgun does not only mean feeling safe but also making others around the gun also feel safe.

The Importance of Gun Safety

Gun safety is one of the most important parts of gun handling. Aside from knowing how the gun functions and understanding the gun completely, there are other rules that should apply. Gun safety includes making those who are around the gun feel safe and ensuring that they are not in harm’s way by being around you while you are in possession of the gun.

If you are keeping the handgun at home, make sure that you store it in a safe place that is out of reach of any children or mentally unstable individuals (who can unknowingly use it to harm others or themselves). A safe place to store it would be an empty vault or drawer that can lock at a minimum. Best to use an actual gun safe that holds your firearms properly. Another basic rule that you should always follow is that you should make sure that the muzzle of the handgun is always pointed in a safe direction. The definition of “safe direction” in this case is a direction in which it is impossible for a bullet to hit someone.

One way that you can ensure gun safety is by always treating your handgun as if it is fully loaded. This will guarantee that you will remain cautious while carrying your firearm and the caution will (in turn) allow others to remain cautious, thus avoiding unforeseen mishaps. However, it goes without saying that your firearm should always be unloaded when not being used.

Get a license before you think of buying a handgun. Using a handgun without proper training or knowledge of the gun’s functions and workings can be hazardous and you may be faced with something that is more powerful and dangerous than you could have ever imagined. With training, you will understand that you always have to be completely sure of what your target is and where your line of fire will lead.

Finally, when you maintain your firearm, it is important to wear protective gear. This will keep you safe from any unforeseen circumstances. Some protective gear that is recommended includes eye goggles, ear mufflers, and even gloves (if you are skilled enough to handle a firearm with gloves on).

How to Find Online Deals on Handguns

Finding handguns online may seem like a difficult task because handguns are generally seen as something that you should buy in stores. However, buying handguns online is quite simple nowadays and you can actually find some amazing deals through online websites.

All you need to do is have some knowledge of buying handguns online and you should know what you want and need in a handgun. Finding the best deals is simple because there are plenty of websites and mobile apps available nowadays, you just need to know which websites to trust.

Some of the best websites that offer amazing online deals include gun.deals, Wikiarms and Gunengine. These websites are both comprehensive and offer affordable deals on handguns.

Best Websites for Buying Handguns

Three of the best websites for buying handguns (or any firearm for that matter) include the following:


This is one of the best websites to buy a handgun from. It has a wide variety available and provides customers with high-quality firearms. Gun.deals also provides some of the best online deals, with all firearms available at market competitive rates. This website is also very user-friendly as the interface is quite simple.

The website is divided into different tabs which include coupons, categories of firearms and the latest deals of the day. This makes it easier for you to choose which handgun you want. The website also includes descriptions of each gun, which can make it easier for any first-time online shopper to understand what each gun’s functions are and the quality of the gun. Comments given by other buyers have also been included for the convenience of the buyer, so the buyer can get a deeper understanding of the quality of the gun.


Wikiarms has a slightly more complex user interface, but it is more detailed than Gun.Deals and provides a better, more intricate categorization of the different firearms. The selection of firearms is also very vast and new the website is constantly being updated with new firearms being posted for sale each day. The handguns are very affordable and are always available with fantastic deals and discounts. The website even has a convenient mobile app that you can download and get daily updates from.

The guns available at Wikiarms are of high quality and the best part is their competitive rates. However, the one downside of the website is that it does not include detailed descriptions of each gun and customer comments and reviews have not been included with each product.


This is another one of the top websites to buy handguns from because it includes the most affordable handguns available online. While the website does not have the best of user interfaces as it has been kept to the simplest of layouts, Gunengine offers some of the best deals out there.

Each product on the website is linked to the original website that manufactures that product and this how you know that the deals you are getting are completely genuine. However, this can also be disadvantageous because Gunengine simply acts as the middleman. Another downside of this website is that customer reviews and comments are not included, so it may become difficult for you to understand the quality of the handguns you finalize. But, you can definitely do some research on the website each product is linked to and find customer comments and reviews there.


Buying handguns online is not a hard feat, but you should be sure that the purpose you are buying the gun for is justifiable and that you truly need it. Gun safety is also important to keep in mind and you should only buy a handgun if you are completely sure that you can take care of it and those who will be around it on a daily basis. The best part about buying a handgun is that it will give you absolute peace of mind that you may never have felt before. Thus, buy yourself a handgun for your personal safety, but ensure that you know how to take care of such a huge responsibility.

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